Arachne is a might weapon used by the death knights of the necropolis. It reduces the capabilities of enemy creatures and provides life-drain for friendly undead.


This weapon is obtained through completing a secondary quest in the first mission of the Necropolis campaign.

Leveling and Abilities:Edit

Ability Description Level Requirement
+3 Might Power Adds <3> to hero's Might Power 1 N/A
Slow Decreases Initiative of all enemy stacks by <5>. 2 100,000 XP
Sadness Decreases Morale of enemy creatures by <5>. 3 1,000,000 XP
Drain Life Attacks of all friendly stacks drain the lifeforce of living targets. Restores their Health by <15%> of the damage dealt. 4 3,500,000 XP
Spider's Web Reduces Movement of enemy creatures in target 3x3 area by <2>. Lasts <3> turns. 5