Final Name Tier (1-4) Magic School Reputation Active or Passive ? Cooldown Effect Base Mana Basic X Repu I. Repu II.
Anathema 3 War Cries BLOOD Active 3 All enemy creatures suffer from Anathema for 3 turns. (-<damagemightmagicresistance>% Damage, Might Resistance and Magic Resistance, -<moraleluck> Morale and Luck) Cannot be dispelled. Reduction:
-3 Morale
-3 Luck
-3% resist
-3% damage
-4 Morale
-4 Luck
-4% resist
-4% damage
-5 Morale
-5 Luck
-5% resist
-5% damage
Bless 1 Light NEUTRAL Passive All friendly stacks benefit from <magicdamagemagicresistance>% increased Damage (Magic) and Magic Resistance. 2.00%
Divine Intervention 4 Light TEARS Active Once Target stack is healed for <hphealing>, cleansed of all negative effects and benefits from +20 Initiative for 1 turn. 70 970 1116 1283
Divine Justice 4 War Cries TEARS Active once Target stack is dealt <percent>% of the overall damage it has dealt since the start of combat. (Max 3000 damage.) 22% 25% 29%
Fervor 1 Warfare NEUTRAL Passive All friendly creatures benefit from +<morale> Morale and + 3% Damage (Might). 1
Holy Blades 3 Light BLOOD Passive Adds +<percent>% damage (Light) to all friendly creatures' attacks. 2% 3% 4%
Hour of Judgement 4 War Cries BLOOD Active Once In the current turn all friendly stacks deal +<damagebonus>% damage against all enemies affected by either Anathema or Mark of the Heretic. 16% 18% 21%
Martyr 3 Warfare TEARS Passive At the end of each turn the player's most damaged stack will benefit from +<mightresistance>% Might Resistance and 13% (15%, 17%) Health for 1 turn. 21.6% 24.9% 28.6%
Resurrection 3 Light TEARS Active Once Resurrects target stack with up to <hphealing> hit points. Only dead bodies can be targeted. Resurrected creature cannot attack and cannot be attacked for 1 turn. 55 1200 1380 1587
Word of Light 4 Light BLOOD Active once Deals a total of <hpdamage> damage (Light) to enemy undead, demons and orcs. All living creatures in hero's army are healed for a total of <hphealing>. 70 500/1000 575/1150 661/1322