Final Name Tier (1-4) Magic School Reputation Active or Passive ? Cooldown Effect Base Mana Basic X Repu I. Repu II.
Abyss Gate 4 Prime TEARS Active Once Currently acting friendly stack returns to the Abyss for 1 turn, then comes back reinforced in the next turn. The gate remains on the combat map and can be destroyed. If the gate is destroyed the stack can only return after the combat. 70 1873 2154 2477
Armageddon 4 Fire BLOOD Active once Incandescent meteors fire down upon the combat map, damaging all non-demon creatures for <hpdamage> damage (Fire), and walls and obstacles for 1 structural damage. 80 429 493 567
Chaos Magic 1 Prime NEUTRAL Passive When channeled by the servants of Urgash, Magic is tainted by Chaos, which makes it less stable and predictable. All spells cast by the Hero have <chance>% chance to get their Mana cost reduced by <percent>%. 50% chance
20% cost reduction
Demonic Luck 3 Warfare BLOOD Passive The damage of critical hits is increased for the hero's army by <percent>%. 22% 25% 29%
Mark of Chaos 4 War Cries BLOOD Active Once The next <number> attacks on the target stack will automatically be critical hits. 3 4 5
Hellfire Aura 1 Warfare NEUTRAL Passive Creatures under the hero's control are granted a 50% chance to deal additional <percent>% damage (Fire) on attacks and retaliations. 4%
Irresistible Calling 4 Warfare TEARS Passive Increases the number of creatures summoned by Gating by <percent>%. 17.1% 19.7% 22.7%
Linked Gating 3 Prime TEARS Passive Creates a link between the original and the gated stack. <percent>% of the damage dealt to the original stack is transferred to the gated stack. 32.5% 37.3% 42.9%
Inferno 3 Fire BLOOD Active once Target enemy creature suffers from Inferno. Inferno deals <hpdamage> damage (Fire) to its current target and jumps to another enemy target within two squares. 55 444 511 587
Seal of Power 3 War Cries TEARS Active Once Orders creatures in the target gated stack to stay with the hero's army. Creatures from target gated stack replace dead demons in the player's army after the combat for up to <hphealing> hit points. Will not increase stacks above their original maximum. 1252 1440 1656