Mermaids are fickle creatures of the sea. While they sometimes ally themselves with the naga, more often they find sport in killing anything that attempts to tame their waters. Their control over the water and even the tides of Ashan is unparalleled.

They were created by the Wizards of the Seven cities as scouts and guards. Unfortunately, the wizards lived far from the sea so the mermaids were used as striking pets. During the ogre war, the mermaids were more than happy to disappear into the background. They now live in the seas with few natural predators and even fewer cares. The mermaids have a deep hatred for wizards and land dwellers and only the Naga can befriend them.

Mermaid Stats:Edit

Name Mermaid Might Defense 10
Size 1 Magic Defense 12
Attack Type Water Hitpoints 85
Damage 13-18 Morale 9
Basic Growth 3 Initiative 40
Upgrade Growth 2 Movement 4
Max Growth 8 Movement Type walker, Hovering
Luck 10 Range Full
Passive Abilities Siren Song, Daughters of the Sea
Active Abilities Tidal Wave
Generic Abilities Living, Amphibian, Resistance to Water, Vulnerability to Lightning

Ability Descriptions:Edit

  • Daughters of the sea: This ability gives mermaids a higher resistence against magical attacks.
  • Resistance to water: Mermaids can withstand most water attacks.
  • Living: Mermaids can heal themselves.
  • Vulnerability to Lightning: Mermaids are greatly weakened by lightning attacks.
  • Amphibian: Mermaids can survive in both air and water.
  • Siren song: The power to hypnotise enemies.
  • Tidal Wave: Mermaids have the power to create a strong wave to attack enemies.