The Mother Namtaru is a spirit creature worshipped by the Necromancers. She is the avatar of Asha's nightmares and as such she is almost as powerful as the six elemental Dragon Gods.


After Asha, the Primordial Dragon of Order defeated her brother Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos, she was plagued by nightmares that Urgash cursed her with. Her children helped Asha to heal, as Shalassa, the Dragon of Water cleansed and purified her and Malassa, the Dragon of Darkness drained the nightmares out of her mind, after which they manifested as the Mother Namtaru. However, Shalassa was alerted by the entity's dark powers and created a sarcophagus in which to contain it on the empty island in the Jade sea where the encounter occured.

Hundreds of years later, a Necromancers' expedition led by the leader of the Spider Cult of the Seven Cities, Aguirre, and his assistant Sveltana, daughter of the Duke of Griffin discovered the Mother Namtaru. Aguirre was killed on the expedition and Sveltana brought the creature back to the Seven Cities alone.


The Mother Namtaru is a giant spider-woman hybrid with six legs and four clawed arms. She also possesses three heads which represent the three spheres of Asha's reign - life, death and fate. When counselling her followers, she often speaks in rhyme or images.

Role in the Necromancer SocietyEdit

As an Avatar of Asha, the Mother Namtaru is an object of worship for the Necromancers. Her venom is used in creating the most powerful Vampire Lords. In addition, by accepting her kiss, a Necromancer devotes him- or herself to the service of Asha and becomes unbound by destiny. As her name implies, she is also the mother of Namtarus, or Fate Spinners, the most powerful creatures enlisted by the Necromancers in their armies.

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