Creature Name Ability Name School Active / Passive Effect Description (BH) Cooldown/
Air Elemental Wind Shield Air Passive The <creaturename>'s attacks cannot be retaliated.
Air Elemental Lightning Strikes Air Passive The <creaturename>'s ranged attacks deals damage (Air) to the target stack and up to three extra enemy stacks. Damage is halved by each jump.
Air Elemental Cyclone Air Passive Reduces ranged damage dealt to the <creaturename> by <20>%.
Earth Elemental Petrification Earth Active Target creature turns to stone and becomes invulnerable for <1> turns. Target enemies cannot act. Target friendly creatures may act but doing so will dispel this effect. 1 charge
Earth Elemental Regeneration Earth Passive The <creaturename> stack is healed for <5> Health / creature each turn.
Fire Elemental Cremation Fire Passive The <creaturename> turns into a gigantic fire-storm when destroyed dealing <8> damage (Fire) to all adjacent stacks.
Fire Elemental Fire Ball Fire Passive The <creaturename> deals <10> damage (Fire) back to melee attackers.
Light Elemental Salvation Halo Light Passive The <creaturename> can move, attack and return, avoiding retaliation.
Light Elemental Searing Light Light Active Target enemy is dealt <14-17> damage (Light) and is blinded for <1> turn. Consumes the creature's substance (takes <10>% self damage, which regenerates after the combat). 3
Light Elemental Epiphany Light Passive The <creaturename> retaliates with rays of light radiating to eight directions. Enemy stacks caught in the rays are dealt <15> damage (Light). Friendly creatures within the rays are healed for <15> Health.
Shadow Elemental Shadow Form Darkness Passive The <creaturename>'s attacks dispels one random positive effect from its targets.
Shadow Elemental Weakening Grasp Darkness Passive The <creaturename>'s attacks reduce the target's Damage (Might) by <10>% for <3> turns.
Shadow Elemental Shadow Strike Darkness Active The <creaturename> attacks using the shadows as gates to the Spirit World to come back to its previous position, avoiding retaliation.
Water Elemental Liquid Body Water Passive Increases resistance to damage by <20>%.
Water Elemental Ice Bolt Water Active Deals <17> damage (Water) to target enemy stack. Victim is also inflicted the "Frozen" effect. 2
Water Elemental Water Strike Water Passive The <creaturename>'s attacks inflict the "Soaked" effect on their targets.
Mermaid Siren Song Water Passive Enemy creatures adjacent to the <creaturename> are charmed and cannot attack her.
Mermaid Tidal Wave Water Active The <creaturename> calls a Tidal Wave to the combat map. All enemy stacks are "Soaked". All enemy small sized creatures are pushed back by two squares. 1 charge
Mermaid Daughters of the Sea Water Passive Resistance to damage (Might) is increased by <20>%.
Phoenix Death Ward Prime Passive The <creaturename> is immune to all forms of magic from the Path of Blood and reduces damage (Magic) dealt to her by <10>%.
Phoenix Moonfire Aura Prime Passive Enemy creatures attacking or being attacked by the <creaturename> are dealt <29> damage (Prime). This damage cannot be healed.
Phoenix Rebirth Prime Active The <creaturename> has the supreme ability to rebirth. Heals the <creaturename> for <50%> Health and deals <15> damage (Prime) to all adjacent enemy stacks. Destroyed <creaturename> stacks are automatically returned to life. This damage cannot be healed. 1 charge
Timber Wolf Hunger Might Passive Increases Movement by <2> in the first turn of the combat.
Dire Wolf Ferocity Might Passive The <creaturename> may attack a second time.