Final Name Tier (1-4) Magic School Reputation Active or Passive ? Cooldown Effect Base Mana Basic X Repu I. Repu II.
Calm Before the Storm 1 Warfare NEUTRAL Passive When Sanctuary creatures do not attack in a turn, they gain +5 Initiative and +<mightdamage>% Damage (Might) for 1 turn. 28.0%
Eightfold Lotus 3 War Cries TEARS Active 3 Target friendly stack retaliates no matter what and does so any number of times each turn. Lasts for <duration> turns. 1 2 3
Eye of the Storm 4 War Cries TEARS Active Once Target friendly stack completely evades the next <number> incoming attacks. 1 2 3
Inner Eye 1 Prime NEUTRAL Passive When Sanctuary creatures do not attack in a turn, they gain +<magicdamage>% Damage (Magic) and + 12.2% (14%, 16.1%) Magic Defense bonus for the next turn. 28.0%
Monsoon 4 Water BLOOD Active once Summons Thunderclouds to target 5x5 area. All creatures standing in the area of effect are first "Soaked" by the heavy rain, then dealt <hpdamage> damage (Air) by lightning forks. 70 343 394 453
Prepare for Strike 3 Warfare BLOOD Passive All friendly stacks' melee attacks deal <damagebonus>% increased damage for each movement point unspent. (Saved movement points increase damage during their attack.) 0.87% 1.00% 1.15%
Serenity 3 Water TEARS Active 4 Target enemy creature is charmed and becomes peaceful. It cannot move, attack or use any abilities for <duration> turns. Serenity is dispelled when the creature is attacked and may retaliate. 45 1.4 1.8 2.2
Tsunami 4 Water TEARS Active Once A tidal wave rises from the caster hero's deployment area, then swells and crashes on the enemy's side. All enemy stacks are "Soaked". All enemy small sized creatures are pushed back by two squares and "Stunned" for <duration> turn. 70 0.87 1.00 1.15
Twin Fangs 4 War Cries BLOOD Active Once Target friendly stack gets an additional attack for <duration> turns. 1 2 3
Watery Grave 3 Water BLOOD Active 3 Summons a geyseer under target enemy stack dealing <hpdamage> damage (Water). Victim is also inflicted by the "Soaked" effect. Only living creatures are affected. 45 835 960 1104