The mighty Sentinels are the first line of defense of the Holy Empire. They are volunteers who have proven their loyalty to the Emperor and their devotion to Elrath. They have sworn an oath to protect their brothers-in-arms with their heavy shield and, if needed, their lives. For their own personal protection, they rely entirely on their faith.

Sentinel Stats:Edit

Name Sentinel Might Defense 7
Size 1 Magic Defense 4
Attack Type Might Hitpoints 23
Damage 2-3 Morale 7
Basic Growth 9 Initiative 20
Upgrade Growth 6 Movement 5
Max Growth 18 Movement Type walker
Luck 7 Range none
Passive Abilities Shieldguard, Shielded
Active Abilities None
Generic Abilities Living

Praetorian Stats:Edit

Name Praetorian Might Defense 10
Size 1 Magic Defense 5
Attack Type Might Hitpoints 32
Damage 3-4 Morale 9
Basic Growth 9 Initiative 25
Upgrade Growth 6 Movement 5
Max Growth 18 Movement Type walker
Luck 7 Range none
Passive Abilities Shieldguard, Shielded, Shield Bash
Active Abilities None
Generic Abilities Living

Ability Descriptions:Edit

Sentinel Shieldguard

Shieldguard: When an enemy attacks an adjacent friendly stack, 50% of damage is dealt to the Sentinel with 25% reduced effect.

Sentinel Shielded
Shielded: Reduces ranged damage dealt to the Sentinel by 25%.

Living: Can be healed and resurrected. Susceptible to morale.

Praetorian only:Edit

Praetorian Shield Bash
Shield Bash: When a friendly stack is attacked, the Praetorian gets a free attack on the attacker if it is in range.


The Sentinel is among the toughest of the Core creatures in the game, and its use generally reflects that. With a combination of the Shielded ability, high might and magic defense, and high hit points, they will not often be an enemy's first target, and part of your goal should be to get them to take as much damage as possible. With the Haven's two other Core creatures being an archer and a healer, it is extremely effective to set your Sentinels directly between them to maximize the effect of Shieldguard. This tactic becomes even more effective with Praetorians, as the added Shield Bash ability gives them the opportunity to become an effective attacker while they are defending. As with all Haven creatures, they are Living and thus can be healed and resurrected, but they should be a last resort to heal, especially with the limited but effective heals of the Sisters, since they do not go down easily, are not often targeted, and are relatively plentiful on a week to week basis.

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