Griffin Blade

This blade is the hereditary blade of the Griffin dynasty. It is one of the seven swords forged by the Angels on Sarah's request and given to the leaders of Human clans upon the founding of the Holy Falcon Empire. The sword's original name is the Blade of Revelation.


Finding this blade is a requirement for completing the first Prologue mission.

Leveling and Abilities:Edit

Ability Description Level Requirement
+3 Leadership N/A 1 0xp
Griffin's Heart Friendly creatures are immune to effects decreasing morale 2 100,000 xp
+5 Destiny N/A 3 1,000,000 xp
Griffin's Roar Decreases morale of enemy creatures by 5 4

3,500,000 xp

Griffin's Fury Target friendly stack may retaliate unlimited times for the rest of the combat 5 7,000,000 xp

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