Sword of the Wolf

The Sword of the Wolf is a Might based dynasty weapon focusing on might power and has the unique capability of preventing the enemy from fleeing from battle with its third level ability. It is the hereditary weapon of the Dukes of the Wolf Duchy and was forged by the Angels when the Human clans were united into the Holy Falcon Empire. Being one of the seven such blades, each of which represents one of the virtues of Elrath, its original name is the Blade of Justice.


The Sword of the Wolf is obtained in the first map of the Stronghold campaign, upon defeating Markus, nephew of Duke Gerhart (Quest: "Stealth, the Orc Way")

Leveling and Abilities:Edit

Ability Description Level Requirement
Wolf's Heart Friendly creatures are immune to harmful Mind Influence. 1 N/A
+3 Might Power N/A 2 100,000 xp
Wolf's Jaws Neither your Hero nor the enemy Hero can retreat or surrender for the rest of the combat. 3 1,000,000 xp
+10 Initiative N/A 4
Wolf's Spirit Increases Might Power of the Hero by <1> at the start of each turn. Stacks unlimited times. 5

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