The wolves of Ashan (and their larger, more dangerous cousins Dire Wolves) are part of the natural fauna. Amidst the chaos and war rampant across the countryside, more and more of the wolves are forced to hunt in areas close to civilization. Sometimes they even hunt more dangerous prey such as humans or orcs.


Wolf Stats:Edit

Name Wolf Might Defense 4
Size 1 Magic Defense 4
Attack Type Might Hitpoints 25
Damage 4-6 Morale 5
Basic Growth 8 Initiative 35
Upgrade Growth 4 Movement 4
Max Growth 15 Movement Type walker
Luck 5 Range none
Passive Abilities Hunger
Active Abilities None
Generic Abilities Living

Dire Wolf Stats:Edit


Name Dire Wolf Might Defense 15
Size 2 Magic Defense 11
Attack Type Might Hitpoints 70
Damage 14-18 Morale 10
Basic Growth 4 Initiative 45
Upgrade Growth 2 Movement 5
Max Growth 9 Movement Type walker
Luck 10 Range none
Passive Abilities Hunger, Ferocity
Active Abilities None
Generic Abilities Living

Ability Descriptions:Edit